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Waterloo Village
Allamuchy Mountain State Park
Byram Township, New Jersey
Client: State of New Jersey
Department of Environmental Protection
Natural and Historic Resources

Waterloo Village

Waterloo Village Waterloo Village Waterloo Village Waterloo Village
Waterloo Village Waterloo Village Waterloo Village Waterloo Village
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Brief Historical Overview:
Waterloo Village is a historically significant site that reflects its role as a small industrial village along the Morris Canal in the nineteenth century. It is a place that thrived due to its participation in the iron industry in northeastern New Jersey, as a destination along the Morris Canal, and its prime location along the Musconetcong River. The vision of the patriarchal Smith family helped to define the village as a company town where its tenants were also those who worked along the canal, on the railroads, in the local mills, and in the fields. The Smith family refined and defined the appearance of the village by adapting the existing buildings from the forge era for their own use, and expanding the village through the construction of commercial, and industrial buildings, worker houses and grand residences. Much of this infrastructure remains to tell the story of the village, the role of the Smiths, their tenants and workers, the role of iron in the region, local industry and commerce, the impact of the Morris Canal and the railroads and a host of other historical perspectives.

The core of the village, the buildings along Waterloo Valley Road, the service buildings to the north of this road, and the remaining elements of the Morris Canal on both sides of the Musconetcong River, provide the foundation for interpreting the history and development of Waterloo Village from its origins in the mid-eighteenth century to its decline in the early-twentieth century. Buildings remaining in the village reflect each key period of development, growth or change. The architecture is varied and includes examples of the vernacular as well as buildings that embraced fashionable architectural styles.

Scope of Services:
Connolly & Hickey prepared a Historic Preservation Plan for Waterloo Village that examined the history and development of the village, the exterior and interior conditions of twenty buildings on site, reviewed possible future uses for each building including designation of a museum core, and made recommendations for repair and upgrade including estimates of projected costs. The report also included a landscape assessment of the overall site as well as the areas immediate to each of the twenty buildings. This landscape assessment was prepared by Webster Associates, a landscape architectural firm. The report addresses reopening the village for museum interpretation while also bringing new uses to the site so the village in the future can be a viable, self-sustaining entity, and a major historical and cultural attraction. Connolly & Hickey is currently preparing a Boundary Increase for the Waterloo Village National Register Historic District.

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