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Madonna Hall - Immaculate Conception Church
Montclair, New Jersey
Client: Immaculate Conception R.C. Church, Montclair

Immaculate Conception Church

Immaculate Conception Church Immaculate Conception Church Immaculate Conception Church Immaculate Conception Church
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Brief Historical Overview:
Immaculate Conception Church is located within Montclair's central business district. The Church building and Sanctuary were constructed between 1908 and 1909 in the Italian Renaissance style. In 1956, the basement was renovated to serve as Madonna Hall. The work included the removal of intermediate columns down the middle of the space creating a large multi-purpose assembly room. At this time, adjoining spaces were remodeled to include storage rooms, restrooms, and a kitchen and the floors, walls and ceiling were also refinished. Prior to undertaking renovations, the basement primarily reflected the changes made in the 1950s except where some modifications were made in the 1990s to make the space accessible to the disabled and to accommodate new mechanical equipment. These modifications were done in concert with the restoration and rehabilitation of the exterior and interior of the Church.

Scope of Services:
In 2004, Connolly & Hickey prepared a Feasibility Study to determine the basic requirements for upgrades at Madonna Hall and included assessing existing conditions, evaluating the existing structure, making recommendations for upgrades to finishes, expanding barrier-free capabilities, expanding restroom facilities and other related upgrades. The study included the development of schematic designs outlining the proposed modifications and upgrades and included development of an interior perspective showing the improvements to the main assembly space, and estimates of probable cost. The study led to a two-phase renovation project that included upgrading the wall and ceiling interior finishes and installation of new moveable partitions at the main assembly area, the renovation of the men's and women's restrooms including new barrier-free facilities, upgrading the existing elevator that serviced both the basement level and Sanctuary, repair of the windows, and renovation of the main stair entry. Today, the level of activity at Madonna Hall is four-fold compared to before the renovations as the new finishes provide a more pleasant environment and the interior partitions provide for greater flexibility in the use of the facility for various types and sizes of meetings.

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