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Glimmerglass Road Bridge
Manasquan, New Jersey

Client: Brielle Chamber of Commerce

Glimmerglass Road Bridge
Glimmerglass Road Bridge Glimmerglass Road Bridge Glimmerglass Road Bridge Glimmerglass Road Bridge
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Brief Historical Overview:
The Bridge W-9 over the Glimmer Glass located in Manasquan Borough is architecturally significant as a bascule-type movable bridge which is a representative example of a little-used technology developed in the 1890s. The bridge is technologically and historically significant as the only example of its type in New Jersey and exemplifies advances made in movable bridge technology in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries for the transportation of vehicles over navigable waterways. In 1938, the bascule leaf and associated counterweights and supports were inserted into an existing fixed timber-trestle bridge that connected Manasquan with Brielle (the original timber trestle bridge was constructed over the Glimmer Glass Creek c. 1889). The timber trestle bridge which serves as the approach road for the bascule bridge was last rebuilt in 1949-1950. Although there have also been modifications made to the bascule drawspan including the leaf, counterweights and supports since its insertion at this site in 1938, the bridge continues to operate as originally constructed and retains the basic technologies developed in the 1890s, therefore retaining its integrity of design.

Scope of Services:
Connolly & Hickey prepared a nomination for the National Register of Historic Places on behalf of the Brielle Chamber of Commerce in 2006. This work included researching the history and significance of the bridge and preparing the nomination forms and all required supplemental materials. The nomination presented the bridge's significance as a representative example of bascule bridge technology under Criterion C and was placed on both the New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places in 2008.

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